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The 5core advantages of Rijin machinery

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    Extensive industry expertise

    RijinRijin has accumulated over a decade of technological expertise, spanning diverse industries. We actively engage in customer-centric product development and drive product enhancements for our clients. Additionally, we continuously study industry-specific trends, drawing insights from both domestic and international experiences to enhance our capabilities. By combining these learnings with practical knowledge, we deliver viable solutions. Thanks to the collective efforts and support received over the years, we have established a prominent position within the industry.

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    Enhanced strength guarantee.

    Robust production capacity and ample inventory, with most injection molding machines readily available. State-of-the-art production workshop, dedicated production workers, and conscientious sales staff ensuring your equipment is well taken care of!

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    Quality Assurance.

    We have consistently focused on the market segment of personalized applications and pursued a professional path with unwavering dedication. Irrespective of challenges, we will persistently adhere to this path, never forgetting our initial commitment. Our RD series multi-color (rotary table, rotary rotary axis) injection molding machine, mixed (sandwich) injection molding machine, clear & mixed combination injection molding machine, and special custom multi-color machine are developed in response to market changes and tailored to meet specific needs. Over the years, we have grown alongside our valued customers and accumulated nearly 20 years of application experience. Moving forward, we will meticulously design and manufacture even higher-quality and more stable machines as a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. The versatile RD series products find wide-ranging applications across various industries such as automotive, electronics, stationery, electrical appliances, and daily necessities.

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    Rigorous quality management system

    Stability - The overall mechanism design prioritizes smooth high-speed action, minimizing impact and ensuring precise and stable braking for long-term operational stability. Speed - Medium and small machines are capable of firing at speeds ranging from 150m/s to 500m/s. They feature single cylinder or double cylinder designs, enabling fast speed with minimal pressure loss. Precision - High repetition accuracy is achieved through meticulous design considerations. Efficiency - Energy-saving features are incorporated into the overall design, aligning with energy-saving characteristics while reducing energy loss. Examples include high-speed capabilities, small cylinders, and double rods.

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    Impeccable after-sales service

    Rijin machinery offers 24/7 after-sales support. Our dedicated team is available at any time to address any issues encountered during the use of our injection molding machine and provide personalized assistance.


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